Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well, it's 9:42 on Saturday evening. Tomorrow we are hosting Easter dinner/egg hunt here and I should be cleaning for that. However, I really feel like writing tonight! I am so very excited about this blog. It's become my scrapbook since there is not enough money nor enough time to create a scrapbook for each of my 5 beauties. This blog is something that is not only serving it's intended purpose, allowing Nebraska family to stay updated on all of our goings on but it has also become a way for me to journal and chronicle a memory of sorts for the children. I think of it almost like a virtual time capsule. The best part being it can be collaborative. I'd love for everyone to feel free to leave comments on the entries. The kids do read this with me and it's something we can all view for years to come. Sentimental and sappy, I know. But, I love it!

Being the matriarch here in my blended family is extremely complicated. So, as I write I am constantly aware that people who may no longer like me and people who have never met me may be reading this searching for news of their respective cutie pie. That constant thought and the fact that I am a bit of an open book is a pretty interesting combo. I mean what ex-wife and step mother opens up this much of her world to the exes... I always have had a knack for embracing the awkward. My intentions are very pure. I know that what's best for these kids is to have those who love them be as involved as possible in their lives. If that means opening up my virtual home, in a sense, to strangers then so be it.

Ah, an open book I am. I remember just last summer we were spending an extended week-end at Gramma Carol's house (Zack's Mom). She asked, "So, how was the mattress last night?" And instead of being a gracious guest and coming up with some general grateful statement. I say...."Oh, it was horrible!" ACK I promise my momma raised me with better manners. Zack says I wear my emotions on my sleeve...and apparently they come quickly out of the mouth as well! :-)

Oh, I am rambling tonight. All of the kids are doing well. Mia is sick this week-end. She's super congested, running a fever, and generally pitiful. We visited the doctor this morning--he did some blood work and determined that she is trying to fight off a virus. One of those that her little body has to fight off without the aid of medication. Hopefully, she'll feel better tomorrow for her first Easter!

On Wednesday we have an appointment at Portrait Innovations to get a new family picture made. Plus, have Mia's first professional photos. We may just make this an annual Spring event. Obviously, I will share them all with you via snapfish!

Off to bed. Happy Easter everyone!

Love, Sarah

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Melissa said...

Thank you soooo much for taking the time to put together this blog, Sarah! It just means the world to our family and its such a nice way to feel in on the fun!