Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Jake:

At Daisy Scouts this week the girls were earning their "Make the World a Better Place" petal (patch). For our activity we decided to put together a care package for Jake and his friends in Iraq! All of the girls donated items like socks, snacks, decks of cards, chapstick, cookies, etc! Each girl also wrote Jake a little letter and we put our handprints on a special t-shirt for him(I promise Jake, you don't have to really wear it!!). We had a great time learning about the geography of Iraq and just how far our little package is gonna go before it gets to Uncle Jake. The above video was a result of the children hoping to make Jake laugh -- they decided it would be really, really sad to be so far from home. It was so precious! On a side note, I have decided to become a troop leader myself. I have been so incredibly inspired by the opportunities available for the girls through the Girl Scout program. One of the most important characteristics I want to instill in my beauties is a sense of empowerment as a female in today’s society. Girls Scouts also focuses heavily on a social consciousness and leadership qualities. I am thrilled to get a troop of girls to help enable them to grow to be STRONG WOMEN!!!!!!!!! YAY