Friday, February 29, 2008

They Peed Together!

As promised, I invited Trendon's new friend over for a playdate yesterday afternoon. Spencer arrived around 4:00 for 3 hours of testosterone for the T-man! They played virtual basketball (via the Playstation) and real basketball on the patio, played soccer, chased the girls around, and tracked in some beautiful mud! They were downstairs for a while and almost eerily quiet. Spencer came upstairs to announce to us that they had "peed together! hahahahaha" Trendon thought it was absolutely HILARIOUS that they could have peeing contests. WOW how different boys are.....

We can't wait to have our new friend, Spencer back to play soon!

Finally---Livie gets brave enough to sing for the camera!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Day!

Ok, seriously! This is very humerous. There's not even enough snow to cover the grass yet, school is called off!

So the kids decided we needed to have some fun this morning! Skyler and Abby found a recipe for Animal Pancakes. So, we headed upstairs to have some fun! We attempted many animals....pigs, turtles, birds, elephants, dinosaurs, and snakes!!!

Can you make heads or tails of any of our above creations??

We had such a great time!!! :-)

Monday, February 25, 2008

Skyler's Ad For a Friend

Today in guidance class Skyler learned what it means to be a friend. She then wrote this classified ad for a good friend......

Trendon's Story!!!!

Story Time

Abby's story!

Giggle Giggle!!

I captured some of Mia's giggles for you!

Update: Our optometrist says Skyler still doesn't need glasses. We'll check again in 6 months since she is borderline. She was bummed because we had hyped up how adorable she was going to look in glasses. :-( Another parental lesson noted: Don't count you chickens before they hatch!

On Saturday evening we had several couples over for a fun night of poker and Guitar Hero! Trendon found his match in our friends son, Connor. They played soccer until they were both soaked with sweat and bright red in the face. Trendon was elated. Perhaps due to my study of feminist literature in college I have been adamant to treat the children the same regardless of gender, never denying the children a gender specific task/toy. I think watching the boys play the other night reminded me of the needs Trendon has which aren't going to be met by playing dress-up with Abigail, Skyler, and Olivia. My new charge is to invite a boy over to play with him as often as possible. He needs a way to get out his energy which is unmatched by the women in this home.

This is a pic of Skyler and Arielle playing Guitar Hero...notice Skyler's foot!!! hehe And Trendon's boredom....I didn't capture a picture of him playing time!

One more great story to share. Aunt Alyssa has planned a visit to Kentucky next month during her Spring Break. I announced the great news to the kiddos this morning before they left for school. Skyler's response, "YAY! She can sleep under the table like she does at GMa Carol's!!!!" LOL What is that about? I love how children's minds work remembering one random detail and projecting it as truth. So adorable.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Mia's Lunch

This is more of a test than anything. I took this little video clip with my digital camera. Doubting the quality will be very good but you can see the baby nonetheless. This is her first attempt eating sweet potatoes! YUM

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Baby Laughs

"A day without laughter is wasted."

Charlie Chaplin

Finally, as the mother/step-mother of 5 children I am beginning to understand that I do have limits. I was attempting to go on full-throttle as if I still had two kids....I think I almost went crazy. I have now realized I will NEVER EVER EVER go the grocery store with 5 children in tow. That's just silly. I have also realized that doctor's appointments, ideally, are for me and the sick child---no one else! Thankfully, Zack gets home from work (most days) before 4pm so I do have the opportunity to schedule appts. late in the afternoon while he keeps some of the clan at home.

With all of my self-realization I made Mia an appointment for her 4 month shots today at 11 am. I would take Livie but the other kiddos would still be at school. No big deal, Livie is quiet and can entertain herself. HAH! School is let out early due to an ice storm quickly approaching the county. So, Abigail, Trendon, and Skyler are dropped off at 10:30. Too late to cancel the appointment so I toss them all in the van and start calculating bribes for good behavior all the while dreading being stuck in a room the size of a bathroom with 5 restless children. I put in a phone call to my rock. Approved. I can bribe them with happy meals. Sweet.

Our family is always a spectacle when we travel together. So many children... all looking the same age. I am often asked, "Are they all yours?" "Are some of them twins?" We have perplexed so many....I really should come up with a sarcastic comeback to these gawkers. But I digress, amidst the stares and gawks of strangers we tromp into the doctors office without too much of a hitch and even get back to the teensy weensy appointment room, no problem.

Mia's restless. Trendon's crying...Livie wants his toy. Abby is trying to do homework and can't think of a word that ryhmes with tag. Skyler drops her sucker on the germy floor but still wants to eat it. Trendon cheers up and then spills 1/2 a bag of M & M's. I am surely sweating and have likely said "Shush, please!" like 56 times...when I realize Mia is smiling all over herself. I began to baby talk to her and tickle her belly when she lets out the most beautiful, heart-warming sound a Mommy has ever heard. A real live belly laugh! So beautiful, so pure and continued everytime I tickle her. Then I realize, we may be a spectacle, strangers may think we are insane, I sometimes want to pull my hair out.....but I wouldn't trade these special moments for anything. We are so blessed by this gigantic family. Thank you, God!

MISC Updates:

Mia weighed 16 lbs 2 oz at her appt today. That puts her in the 95th percentile for both height and weight.....she's definitely getting fed well!

Skyler & I are FINALLY getting new glasses on Saturday. Skyler wants pink Hannah Montana glasses. Her and I are going to have SO much fun playing dress up in the office! I can't wait. Watch for pics!