Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Snow Day!

Ok, seriously! This is very humerous. There's not even enough snow to cover the grass yet, school is called off!

So the kids decided we needed to have some fun this morning! Skyler and Abby found a recipe for Animal Pancakes. So, we headed upstairs to have some fun! We attempted many animals....pigs, turtles, birds, elephants, dinosaurs, and snakes!!!

Can you make heads or tails of any of our above creations??

We had such a great time!!! :-)

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Grandparents Clay & Julie said...

There's our Livie! Can't believe they call off school for such little snow. You're a great momma, I would have been cracy after the first pancake. Let me guess, the turtle is Trendons. Hope they thought of Grandpa Clay when they were flippin them pancakes. C&J