Monday, March 31, 2008

A Person's A Person...No Matter How Small

hehe This is Mia's new thing...she sticks her tounge out at me! Wouldn't it be incredible if we could know what she is thinking? So stinkin adorable, her personality is really starting to shine through! There's just nothing better than being a Mommy!

Abigail has been spending the night at Peachie's for the week-end. I am not sure if she is ever gonna want to come home! Having Abby gone made this week-end even more quiet. Zack & I had only 2 kids!!! WOW, that's EASY!!!!!!! Yesterday we went out for breakfast, went shopping, and took Livie to see Horton Hears A Who! You know what we realized? Going to the movies doesn't break the bank when your'e only taking 1 child!!!! hehe Livie's favorite quote from the movie..."An elephant's faithful.....100%" :-)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Kindergarden Field Trips......and other updates!

Today Zack and I were able to chaperone the Kindergarden field trip to the Newport Aquarium! It was such a blessing but we did both leave with a headache! I really am in awe of those who choose to become teachers. I have spent several hours this year volunteering the the classrooms and cannot imagine having the organization and patience it takes to be a teacher of young children. I am so glad Mrs. Free and Mrs. Lutz have decided to do so though!!!!:-)

Today was the last day of school before Spring Break. Zack is at this very moment on his way to Memphis, transporting Skyler & Trendon to Jenny. She keeps them for the week of Spring Break in Texas. As Skyler was leaving she gave Mia several kisses and left saying, "I love you Mia! I will miss you the most!" Ahhhh she is such a hoot. Our house is just weird when they are gone but we do hope they have some great quality time with their mother. We can't help but miss them like crazy though!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Spring Pictures

The photo session was nearly effortless. I am so proud of our children and their behavior in public. They were sooo good! We had their pictures made, went to dinner at Qudoba and then got Frosties! We had a fabulous evening and made it home before bed time!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ready For Spring!

I hit the consignment sales each season change to get the kiddos some new (to them) clothes. Each time we have a fashion show! It's so much fun and we are now officially ready for Spring!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Well, it's 9:42 on Saturday evening. Tomorrow we are hosting Easter dinner/egg hunt here and I should be cleaning for that. However, I really feel like writing tonight! I am so very excited about this blog. It's become my scrapbook since there is not enough money nor enough time to create a scrapbook for each of my 5 beauties. This blog is something that is not only serving it's intended purpose, allowing Nebraska family to stay updated on all of our goings on but it has also become a way for me to journal and chronicle a memory of sorts for the children. I think of it almost like a virtual time capsule. The best part being it can be collaborative. I'd love for everyone to feel free to leave comments on the entries. The kids do read this with me and it's something we can all view for years to come. Sentimental and sappy, I know. But, I love it!

Being the matriarch here in my blended family is extremely complicated. So, as I write I am constantly aware that people who may no longer like me and people who have never met me may be reading this searching for news of their respective cutie pie. That constant thought and the fact that I am a bit of an open book is a pretty interesting combo. I mean what ex-wife and step mother opens up this much of her world to the exes... I always have had a knack for embracing the awkward. My intentions are very pure. I know that what's best for these kids is to have those who love them be as involved as possible in their lives. If that means opening up my virtual home, in a sense, to strangers then so be it.

Ah, an open book I am. I remember just last summer we were spending an extended week-end at Gramma Carol's house (Zack's Mom). She asked, "So, how was the mattress last night?" And instead of being a gracious guest and coming up with some general grateful statement. I say...."Oh, it was horrible!" ACK I promise my momma raised me with better manners. Zack says I wear my emotions on my sleeve...and apparently they come quickly out of the mouth as well! :-)

Oh, I am rambling tonight. All of the kids are doing well. Mia is sick this week-end. She's super congested, running a fever, and generally pitiful. We visited the doctor this morning--he did some blood work and determined that she is trying to fight off a virus. One of those that her little body has to fight off without the aid of medication. Hopefully, she'll feel better tomorrow for her first Easter!

On Wednesday we have an appointment at Portrait Innovations to get a new family picture made. Plus, have Mia's first professional photos. We may just make this an annual Spring event. Obviously, I will share them all with you via snapfish!

Off to bed. Happy Easter everyone!

Love, Sarah

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

800 miles...

Later this afternoon I will take Alyssa to the airport and say good-bye. My heart aches. She has such a beautiful spirit--caring, fun, exciting, incredibly intelligent, grateful and so generous. The children have had such a fabulous time with her. She's read them stories, cooked with them, walked them to school, wrestled, rocked out with them, colored, and most of all loved on them.

We have spent hours talking and bonding stronger than ever. Though we are currently in completely different places in life we can still relate to each other unlike any other college gal I know. She is wise beyond her years and not just in book smarts. She truly understands and respects the task that Zack and I have upon us. It's sooooo encouraging for us.

Her and Zack have been up to their old antics as brother and sister, laughing, laughing and more laughing together.

Having her here helped the 800 mile distance between the rest of our friends and family way out West in Nebraska not feel quite so far. I just wish, with all my heart, the distance could be shortened permanently.

Even though technology (i.e. the Internet) has made long distance relationships a little easier, staying connected is still no easy task and it still hurts. I know the blog and the pictures help everyone see the kids and feel more involved in their activities. I just can't pretend it helps me. I miss all of you. I love you. I can't wait til we can pile all of our crazy children into the Nissan and drive all night to see you again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm With the Band

We finally succumb to the temptation. Rock Band for the Playstation. We have been eyeing it since before Christmas and with the new big screen we just couldn't resist. Trendon is such a pro at the guitar, breaking out into a sweat he is concentrating so hard! Skyler loves to sing....and will love the game even more when she learns some of the songs. Livie couldn't be more bored but agreed to pose for a picture. Abby ... and the drums.....ummm...practice makes perfect, right?!?!

With Lyssie in for the week-end the adults have been jamming out in the evenings after the kids are fast asleep!!!! Obviously, this game was more for us than them...hehe... Zack is the only one with a chance at being good at the drums. I like guitar and if anyone knows Lyssie they know which instrument she has a hard time giving up............

Zack & Abby

Several months ago the whole family went up to the kid's school for a Literacy night. We attended a Book Fair, heard a story read by a witch, made apple paintings, and several oterh fun activities. While we were there someone snapped a picture of Zack and Abigail and posted it on the school's website. Click here to view: SO ADORABLE!:-)

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Remember Punky Brewster?

Abigail is beginning to express herself through fashion! Mommy is trying to loosen her controlling reigns by letting the bigger kids pick out their own clothes for school......this was the result on Thursday! :-)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

A New Room For 2 Beauties

Our oldest girls are growing up really, really fast. Looking around at the 3rd and 4th graders at the elementary school I noticed training bras are on our horizon. EEK! It seems like Abigail was a precious newborn with a wild hair-do just moments ago. I know Zack feels the same about Skyler though I didn't have the pleasure of knowing her yet.

In an effort to celebrate their growth and maturity we have decided to transform the guest room into their new girly bedroom. It's purple and oh so pretty! I joked with Zack that I was going to put him on the Better Homes & Garden website because he was so crafty in there! He had a great time personalizing their furniture, building shelves for them, and decorating! Definitely a side to him that I don't always see!!!!!!!!!!!

The girls were so grateful for all of his hard work and absolutely LOVE their new room!:-)

Friday, March 14, 2008

A Story from the Baby!!

Ahhh....ready for your heart to melt? Watch this video but be patient. Mia opens up about a minute through and starts her new baby jabber! Enjoy her:-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dear Jake:

At Daisy Scouts this week the girls were earning their "Make the World a Better Place" petal (patch). For our activity we decided to put together a care package for Jake and his friends in Iraq! All of the girls donated items like socks, snacks, decks of cards, chapstick, cookies, etc! Each girl also wrote Jake a little letter and we put our handprints on a special t-shirt for him(I promise Jake, you don't have to really wear it!!). We had a great time learning about the geography of Iraq and just how far our little package is gonna go before it gets to Uncle Jake. The above video was a result of the children hoping to make Jake laugh -- they decided it would be really, really sad to be so far from home. It was so precious! On a side note, I have decided to become a troop leader myself. I have been so incredibly inspired by the opportunities available for the girls through the Girl Scout program. One of the most important characteristics I want to instill in my beauties is a sense of empowerment as a female in today’s society. Girls Scouts also focuses heavily on a social consciousness and leadership qualities. I am thrilled to get a troop of girls to help enable them to grow to be STRONG WOMEN!!!!!!!!! YAY

Monday, March 10, 2008


So, our precious little bundle has her first tooth already!! We found it in her mouth this week-end! Wow, time is flying a little too fast:-( She is now chowing down on not just one full jar, but two full jars of baby food for lunch!!!! She is also sleeping 10 hours at night...waking only once to eat!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hey Good Lookin'

Don't let yourself get dizzy--watching this video!

People ask us all the time how we get our kids to bed by 7:45-----here's how! ENJOY:-)

Work It Girls!

Last week our girl scout meeting was about taking care of ourselves. We had a Jazzersize instructor come to class and teach the girls some routines--it was beyond adorable!:-)

Well, I loved it so much that I have decided to join! Pregnancy did a number on me and I really want to be back in my favorite jeans. So, my goal is to get back into them by summer!!

Here's a pic of me in them! This was mine and Zack's 2nd real live date! We were at Keenland, a beautiful horse racing venue in Kentucky in October of 2005. Wow, how the time flies! What a beautiful, beautiful day:-)

Biggest Snow since '98 finally Zack got to experience a real snow in Kentucky. I am guessing we got about 7 inches total. I measured it early this morning and we were at 5. However, it did continue to snow for several more hours. Zack got to use his hefty snow shovel for the first time this year! It looks so beautiful!!!! Abby and Livie are spending the week-end with their Dad but we got to sled with Skyler & Trendon while Mia took a nap inside. Zack went to Wal-Mart hoping to buy sleds (we haven't needed them yet!) but they didn't have any so he bought pool toys instead! aaahhahaha Several plastic floats....which actually fared pretty well in our backyard. What fun! Trendon nearly crashed into the shed several times but had an absolute blast. Skyler was good to go until some snow got in the back of her jeans.....she retired early to get warm! Zack took several bouts down the hill which resulted in a busted up leg.......we are too old to have this much fun!