Saturday, March 8, 2008

Biggest Snow since '98 finally Zack got to experience a real snow in Kentucky. I am guessing we got about 7 inches total. I measured it early this morning and we were at 5. However, it did continue to snow for several more hours. Zack got to use his hefty snow shovel for the first time this year! It looks so beautiful!!!! Abby and Livie are spending the week-end with their Dad but we got to sled with Skyler & Trendon while Mia took a nap inside. Zack went to Wal-Mart hoping to buy sleds (we haven't needed them yet!) but they didn't have any so he bought pool toys instead! aaahhahaha Several plastic floats....which actually fared pretty well in our backyard. What fun! Trendon nearly crashed into the shed several times but had an absolute blast. Skyler was good to go until some snow got in the back of her jeans.....she retired early to get warm! Zack took several bouts down the hill which resulted in a busted up leg.......we are too old to have this much fun!


Melissa said...

I read Naomi this post and she was quick to say: "No you aren't! You are never too old to have fun!"


Sarah said...

hehe She is so fabulous!!! :-)