Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm With the Band

We finally succumb to the temptation. Rock Band for the Playstation. We have been eyeing it since before Christmas and with the new big screen we just couldn't resist. Trendon is such a pro at the guitar, breaking out into a sweat he is concentrating so hard! Skyler loves to sing....and will love the game even more when she learns some of the songs. Livie couldn't be more bored but agreed to pose for a picture. Abby ... and the drums.....ummm...practice makes perfect, right?!?!

With Lyssie in for the week-end the adults have been jamming out in the evenings after the kids are fast asleep!!!! Obviously, this game was more for us than them...hehe... Zack is the only one with a chance at being good at the drums. I like guitar and if anyone knows Lyssie they know which instrument she has a hard time giving up............

1 Comment:

Stephanie said...

Hey Skyler, Trendon, Abby--you guys ROCK!

And Livie, well you rock too :)