Wednesday, March 19, 2008

800 miles...

Later this afternoon I will take Alyssa to the airport and say good-bye. My heart aches. She has such a beautiful spirit--caring, fun, exciting, incredibly intelligent, grateful and so generous. The children have had such a fabulous time with her. She's read them stories, cooked with them, walked them to school, wrestled, rocked out with them, colored, and most of all loved on them.

We have spent hours talking and bonding stronger than ever. Though we are currently in completely different places in life we can still relate to each other unlike any other college gal I know. She is wise beyond her years and not just in book smarts. She truly understands and respects the task that Zack and I have upon us. It's sooooo encouraging for us.

Her and Zack have been up to their old antics as brother and sister, laughing, laughing and more laughing together.

Having her here helped the 800 mile distance between the rest of our friends and family way out West in Nebraska not feel quite so far. I just wish, with all my heart, the distance could be shortened permanently.

Even though technology (i.e. the Internet) has made long distance relationships a little easier, staying connected is still no easy task and it still hurts. I know the blog and the pictures help everyone see the kids and feel more involved in their activities. I just can't pretend it helps me. I miss all of you. I love you. I can't wait til we can pile all of our crazy children into the Nissan and drive all night to see you again.

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Carol said...

Happy Easter, Dear Family!

Loved the new spring we just need some warm weather to make it possible to wear them.

Everyone looks so big. Wow. I'm sure it's Lyssie's fault. They were probably shorter before she came to visit. But she has a way of hanging kids by their ankles and stretching them out...

Ya, you were right. the mattress WAS awful! Thus, Jack and I bit the bullet and bot a new mattress and box springs on the off chance that's keeping you from visiting :-)

Anyway, it's got clean sheets and is waiting.

There's only one problem. You'll need a ladder to get into it. Since it's an antique bed with the trundle under it that make it high to start with, and, back in those days of yore, mattresses and box springs were half the height they are now, the bed now has a bit of a 'Princess and the Pea' feel.

Think of it as an adventure :-)

Here's wishing you and your tribe a WUNNERFUL and Blessed Easter!