Monday, March 31, 2008

A Person's A Person...No Matter How Small

hehe This is Mia's new thing...she sticks her tounge out at me! Wouldn't it be incredible if we could know what she is thinking? So stinkin adorable, her personality is really starting to shine through! There's just nothing better than being a Mommy!

Abigail has been spending the night at Peachie's for the week-end. I am not sure if she is ever gonna want to come home! Having Abby gone made this week-end even more quiet. Zack & I had only 2 kids!!! WOW, that's EASY!!!!!!! Yesterday we went out for breakfast, went shopping, and took Livie to see Horton Hears A Who! You know what we realized? Going to the movies doesn't break the bank when your'e only taking 1 child!!!! hehe Livie's favorite quote from the movie..."An elephant's faithful.....100%" :-)

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Stephanie said...

I keep thinking Mia couldn't possibly get any cuter....and then I see her again and I'm proven wrong. Yesterday she was surely at peak cuteness, right? Her chubby, glowing, shiny pink cheeks....bright eyes.....little rosebud mouth. And when she smiles she exudes a twinkly delight (lol) I can't wait to see her again! :)