Friday, March 28, 2008

Kindergarden Field Trips......and other updates!

Today Zack and I were able to chaperone the Kindergarden field trip to the Newport Aquarium! It was such a blessing but we did both leave with a headache! I really am in awe of those who choose to become teachers. I have spent several hours this year volunteering the the classrooms and cannot imagine having the organization and patience it takes to be a teacher of young children. I am so glad Mrs. Free and Mrs. Lutz have decided to do so though!!!!:-)

Today was the last day of school before Spring Break. Zack is at this very moment on his way to Memphis, transporting Skyler & Trendon to Jenny. She keeps them for the week of Spring Break in Texas. As Skyler was leaving she gave Mia several kisses and left saying, "I love you Mia! I will miss you the most!" Ahhhh she is such a hoot. Our house is just weird when they are gone but we do hope they have some great quality time with their mother. We can't help but miss them like crazy though!


jack said...

if anyone is organized enough to teach, you are. we are amazed at how much you and zach get done and how cool your family is. i know it has to be done, but i always hate it a little when the kids have to travel long distances. we love your blog.

love you all,

Melissa said...

Can you believe its spring break already!?! Naomi's just snuck up on us too. I hope the field trips were fun. Your kids are sure lucky to have a web of parents/step-parents volunteering in their classrooms. I admire the love you send those kids into this world with everyday.