Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Happy New Year!

It's 2010, baby!!!  What are you resolving to change this year?

My hubby is a pessimist and will NOT draft resolutions.  However, I will forever be the eternal optimist and will always create my little list of hope to do better at's.  I think the reflection is progress in itself!!

There are so many things that I hope this new year will bring to our family and some are too personal to share to the world.  However, this is part of my list (read more on my blog at  --

1.  Read 2 books per week.  I was incredibly inspired during the commencement address at my graduation last month by Dave Anderson, founder of the restaurant chain:  Famous Dave's.  He spoke in detail of the amount of reading he does weekly - newspapers, magazines, and books to keep his mind growing and learn new trends.  For me, I will start with 2 books per week.  For accountability purposes, I plan to post those books here!!  I'd be forever grateful if you took a moment to post your favorite book title in the comments.  I'll need a huge list if I am to read 104 books this year!!!!

2.  Quit Smoking.  This was on my list last year and is continued on over.  This is a hard one because as much as it stinks and is a horrible habit.  I love it. :(  Someone help me!!!!

3.  Find more patience.  I think every mother I have talked to about resolutions has this on their list.  If someone could please create a magic potion more powerful than coffee to help all us mom's of little ones.....they could quickly join the ranks of People's Most Influential!!

4.  Blog more.  It makes me happy.  I love to write and know the best way to improve is to keep on writing.  My goal:  write every single day no matter what.  Some days, my heart will be full of stuff to personal to actually blog about -- but I will write it somewhere!!!

**Don't forget to post those books for me in the comments.


Nicole said...

MOM has a book club. We have some great titles coming up this year. We get the 10 books free borrowed from the library so let me know if you want a copy. This month is 'Water for Elephants' and we meet the 2nd Monday of every month to discuss the book.
I like Nicholas Sparks books. Charlaine Harris' Sookie Stackhouse series and the Harry Potter series are good too. Non fiction 'The Millionare Next Door', '$20 per Gallon', and 'Connected' are good reads.
I get tons of books free from Hachette book for review on my blog. Let me know if you want the link.
You can see a list of books I read on my personal blog. (See my signature on the mom forum for the link.)

Jessica said...

The Book Thief, Memories of a Geisha, anything by Fannie Flagg for a light fun read.

Shawn Carlson said...

Carl Hiassen is my messages to change your life...just great quirky mysteries with odd happenings and characters.....he's lately been pretty devoted to youth fiction (Hoot - was made into a film)...but he also wrote the book "Striptease" - which was adapted into a film of the same name starring Demi Moore...i think i have a couple titles on hand....if you want, i'll dig 'em up.


Angela French said...

I think I've already given you and your mom these two titles - The Time Traveler's Wife and Firefly Lane...GREAT books!! Also, Always Looking Up by Michael J. Fox...this book is right up your alley, both of you are eternal inspiring!

Keep me posted on the books you read through the year, and I'll do the same - you know me, I've always got a book in hand. Right now, I'm reading The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton and so far, I love it.

aly carlson said...

i haven't actually read this, but i have heard nothing but good things about "The Help". I also love Jodi Piccoult anything (The 10th Circle is the one i read last) and I also love "Still Life with Woodpecker."

Sarah said...

Thank you everyone for your recommendations! I am started Julie and Julia last night because I LOVED the movie and I am a foodie. The rest of your selections are being added to my request list at the Omaha library! :) Keep em coming!!

Stephanie Williams said...

A favorite I've read recently is The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri Nouwen. Wonderful. Beyond that, I love anything by:

Frederick Buechner
Ken Gire
Brennan Manning
John Eldridge

Of course I have a thousand more. Now I just have to remember them....