Thursday, December 31, 2009

Of Significance in '09

Perhaps it is all together incredibly cliche to recap the year past on New Years Eve but as this blog serves as my scrapbook of sorts for family I am finding it rather necessary.

2009 has been another year full of big changes for our family.  Looking back, we haven't had a stagnant year yet.  We have moved so much, started and quit jobs, had babies, started many changes each year since Zack and I have been together.  I have to say, I am ready for a year when there aren't huge milestone changes in this re-cap.  I long for a year in the same house, same jobs, same schools -- just living and loving each other.  Alas, 2009 was not that year but perhaps 2010 will be.  No one could ever say the Tucker-Donaldson family is adverse to change!!

January 09 - We got the news that Zack was offered a position as Controls Engineer at EAD Controls in Omaha, NE which started our feverish search for housing, schooling, doctoring and all the other necessities that come with moving to a new city!

February 09 - We packed up these 5 beautiful babies and a house full of crap to move over 800 miles and start a brand new journey!  Zack started his new job the first week of Feb and I started at Sleight Advertising the 3rd week.

1 week after moving we hosted a birthday party for our Skyler who turned 8! WOW

2 weeks after that I surprised my dear hubby with a 30 birthday bash he'll never forget:)

April 09 - Zack took his first week long work related trip.  Little did I know this was just a preview of what was to come....

May 09 - My brother Daniel moved from Kentucky to Omaha!!!

August 09 - I came to the realization, AGAIN, that working full-time while mothering FIVE children is just not possible OR worth the hassle.  I quit my full-time job at Sleight Advertising and began working freelance for several marketing clients.

Our precious Livie started Kindergarden!!!!!

September 09 -  September brought the beginning of Skyler's diagnosis of a thyroid disorder.  This was both heartbreaking and a relief at the same time.  We had started to get incredibly worried that Skyler was having some more major health issues, realizing the thyroid is treatable brought us some comfort.

Zack spent most of this month in Canada --- UGH

October 09 -  Our precious little Mia Faith turned 2 years old!!!!  She is now carrying on conversations and is just a delightful toddler!!

December 09 -  I accepted my M.B.A.!!  WOOT WOOT I still can't believe I really finished.  I also began my first real writing gig for!

We are looking forward to 2010.  A full year in the same house, a special wedding for Jake (Zack's brother) & Rachell, my good friends moving to Omaha, the birth of our new niece or nephew (YAY Shawn & Aly!!)and hopefully the realization of some more of our dreams.  It's a crazy life.....but oh so sweet.

Happy New Year All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stephanie Williams said...

Whew........exhausted just reading it!

May 2010 be the best year ever for the T/D fam! :)