Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update on Skyler's Doctor Appointment

Thanks everyone for your prayers this afternoon. The Endocrinologist said Skyler's thyroid levels do look a little better but he did another blood test to see again.  We expect a phone call from the doctor later this week with the results of that test.

He also said her thyroid seems very enlarged and he ordered an ultrasound (which will happen in a few weeks).

He also mentioned that it may be more of a goiter issue?? And, that the symptoms which eventually led to the diagnosis may actually be unrelated to the thyroid problems....

I don't really know what that means except that we need to be patient in this process while they discover exactly what's going on and then a course of treatment to help her get better.

Patience is not my specialty. I feel like things should be black and white. Do A to fix B and we are good to go....not so much in the medical profession...We just really want to find the magic fix that will make Skyler feel better, have energy again, and eliminate the constipation problems....