Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not An Entertainer....

I have always been of the parenting philosophy that in order to raise successful & independent children, they must have the ability to entertain themselves. I have never been the mommy that plans structured activities to provide them with constant entertainment.
"Go Play!"  has always been a mommy motto of mine.  

However, Mother Nature had a big gift in store for us Nebraskans this week.  How about 10 inches of snow AND 40 mile/hour winds.  This puts us at a wind chill of negative whatever.  After about 20 degrees does it really even matter??  BBRRRRRR  So, it's entirely too cold to go outside.

The first snow day we were happy, blissful even.  Spent the entire day playing Wii, watched a movie together, baked cookies and dinner together.  By morning two of our entrapment the tides had completely changed.  Tears. Tantrums. Arguments. And one of most mommy's most dreaded phrases, "I'M BOOOO--OO-RREEDDD."

Realizing a "Go Play!" motto can only last for a couple of hours, especially when the children are completely snowed in the house I had to come up with a plan and fast.  Hooray for the Internet and a printer.  Today I faux-homeschooled.  I downloaded reading comprehension tests, math worksheets, writing prompts, and a Christmas Bingo game. For future reference:

Thank you, dear Internet, you saved a frazzled Mommy from complete and utter insanity this morning.