Saturday, January 9, 2010

Gift of Sharing

It's Girl Scout cookie time again!! Can I hear a HIP, HIP, HORRAY?

What's even more exciting to me is a new program the Girl Scouts have adopted called, The Gift of Sharing.  This program allows people to purchase cookies to be donated by the troop!  What a great way to give back, even if you aren't interested in cookies for yourself.

Olivia's troop has chosen the Omaha Children's Crisis Center for their charity.  The Children's Crisis Center provides a safe place for kids who are placed in emergency protective care.  If you choose to purchase a box for The Gift of Sharing - that box of cookies will be delivered to the crisis center to be enjoyed by these children going through such a difficult time.

Message me if you'd like Olivia to call and get your cookie order.  If you don't order from her, I encourage you to find a troop participating in this program and give back!

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Jessica said...

is olivia the one i said i'd buy two boxes of cookies from, maybe on MOM? i know i posted somewhere i'd buy some from somebody, but can't remember...