Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Preparing For the Journey

Today we head out for the Bluegrass State!  We are all anxious to get to Mom's and be with our family during this time.  I still haven't begun the process of writing something to say at the funeral.  My heart wants to but my head has no words yet.

15 hours is quite a ways in the car with the babies.  They are so good for us though, I think they have definitely gotten used to traveling!  We are packing their DS's, iPods, and books to keep them entertained. Mia, of course, is the hardest one but our big guys are even good with helping entertain her.

On a fun note, I have updated the Photo Album (see link on right) with pictures from our trip to Adventureland!  This new will allow you to download my pictures straight to your own computer!  You can then use them however you like (i.e. burn to CD - take to Wal-Mart - get your own prints!)  If you  need help getting that to work just let me know. I don't want the to be more trouble than Snapfish but I do think it looks a lot better AND it's a lot easier for me:-)!

Happy Wednesday all.  Much love...