Friday, October 23, 2009

My Baby Isn't A Baby Anymore

So, our other big event yesterday -- Mia's birthday.  She's 2!!!!  It's so cliche to talk about how fast your children grow, but it's so true!  Our sweet Mia bring SO much joy to our family.  All of the kids love to play and read with her.  It's such a different experience having a toddler and big kids at the same time.  We are incredibly blessed to have blended these children and actually see that they do love each other.

She's still completely dependent on her "silky" which she uses to go to sleep every night--- well that and her thumb of course!  She is talking in sentences, some of her favorites :

Where's Sissy (Skyler)?

I want my silky!!

Love you Momma

Sing the choo-choooooo (I've Been Working on the Railroad)

We are celebrating with a small family party on Sunday but yesterday we sang to Mia at least 10 times!  She LOOOOVES the attention and I just might keep singing to her all week-end.

I keep telling everyone...I don't have a baby anymore!!! :(  So, I need all my friends to keep having babies so I have precious ones to love on.  My van and wallet can't fit anymore babies....nor would my husband ever agree to it!! LOL