Friday, October 23, 2009

Cooking School

My adorable brother wants to learn how to cook and since he's 800 miles away from our Momma the task falls to me.  A job I am not sad to undertake to say the least.  Cooking with people I love tops my love of feeding people for sure....though both tasks makes my heart smile great big!

Last night we took on Chicken Parmigiana....and WOW!  We worked diligently for an hour and a half - pounding and frying chicken, making homemade pasta sauce, mixing a Caesar salad, and of course singing our heart out to some country tunes.  What a great night:)  Thanks Daniel!!!!!!

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Stephanie Williams said...

Now all three of my children will be awesome cooks! I'm so happy that I passed along my love of cooking. Let's hear it for good food--YAY!