Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm Beginning to Think A Lot about....

Christmas!  Yikes, it's only 74 days away!!!!!!!!!  Our plan this year is to go a little green with our gift giving.  Making some gifts and just generally incorporating more thought into the presents we do buy.  We are the family that rushes around at the very last minute looking at each other...do you think Mom would like this?  Umm....maybe??  Wrapping it and then going to the Christmas event the same day.:(  So pitiful and absolutely NOT what Christmas should be about!

So, I am pursuing some fabulous web-sites like:

Family Fun


Hobby Lobby


About: Crafts

Free Crafts

to help inspire my little mind into a creative mind.  It's kind of a stretch for me...I am not what you'd call "Martha Stewart."  I love to cook but everything else is just an attempt on my end.  I have many of those friends that come by decorating, crafts, and organization so easy and I ENVY them:)

Anyway, part of our adventure in brainstorming occurred at the park today with some special photos of the kids.  I contemplated waiting to share them since they may turn into gifts later but I couldn't help myself!!!!  Here's a few of my favs but don't forget to view the Gallery site to see them all!

Do you have some other great sites I am missing?  What have you made for a gift that has been a huge hit?  Please leave us comments on the blog---even the kids like to read them!! :)


Micki said...

This year we're doing digital photo frames for our grandparents. We're putting all kinds of special pictures on the memory cards--pics of our kids, pics of us as kids, etc.

Sarah said...

Micki: What a great idea!!

Jessica said...


Sarah said...

Jess, I should be working--but took a quick peek at that site--I LOVE IT!!! I shoulda known you'd have the best online hookups!! :-) When's our craft day? I am so ready!!!!