Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Moving Madness

As I sit down to type, I realize this will likely be the last blog I write while in Kentucky. :-( It's almost been a year since I started archiving mostly mundane details of our lives to share....and now our lives are changing dramatically!

Currently, we are dealing with this issue called "WINTER". We have 6-7 inches of snow on the ground now and a layer of ice on top of that. Today they are predicting another 4-6 inches of snow. WHICH IS A LOT OF SNOW FOR KY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am concerned about loading our belongings into the truck tomorrow while trudging through this icky winter mess. Zack is brainstorming creative "MacGyver" type solutions to this problem...hehe

Last week-end Zack and I were surprised by a going-away party! Our best couple friends, and my mom, sister, brother were all there to send us off. We were COMPLETELY SURPRISED and overwhelmed by all the love and generosity that was poured on our family that night. We walked into the restaurant to find a gift bags full of goodies for each kiddo and some crazy extravagant gifts for us as well (including the Sex & the City DVD for me YAYYYY!!!). We spent a lovely 3 hours hanging out with many of our favorite Kentucky people and then spilled a whole heck of a lot of tears saying good-bye with many promises of lots of visits to Omaha ( I am gonna hold you girls to that you know?!?!)

The past 2 weeks we have been scurrying around packing, touching up the house to get it ready to sell, saying good-byes, and all the other details that come with moving across the country. I feel so bad for the kids...and can't wait for them to have normal rooms again full of their toys and clothes...and NO BOXES. I finally hear them say, "we're bored", and I kind of understand. :-( I am also attempting to plan Skyler's birthday party from 800 miles away. February is always a busy month for us with her birthday, valentine's day, Zack's we are making a big move in the midst of normal businesses in our lives!

We'll arrive in Omaha sometime on Saturday. Zack is driving the Penske with Lady (our doggie) and Trendon. Then, I am coming with the rest of the kiddos and my Momma! Mom has always helped me unpack my kitchen in every place I have ever lived so she just HAD to come to Omaha with me:-) I am thrilled that she will get to see our new home and even help me take the kids to their new school on the first day.

I sent out an email to the family with our new address.....if you haven't received that let me know!