Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Big Announcement....

Zack and I both landed jobs in Omaha so we are moving!!!! Zack is now a Controls Engineer for EAD and I am the New Business Account Manager for Sleight Advertising! We both feel lots of mixed emotions as we are preparing for our new lives out West! Our house is turned completely upside down with piles of boxes in most every room. It's hard to believe we are making the cross-country move, again. The two years we have spent as a family in Kentucky are filled with many fabulous memories and had their been a job here for me, we wouldn't be leaving. However, these jobs are both leaps in our chosen career paths. We both, Zack especially, feel in awe of the blessing of these positions.

Carol and Jack went to tour a home we found on and they approved!! It feels quite crazy to be moving into a home I have never stepped foot in but Carol walked me, via the cell phone, through the house during her tour which helped so much! The house is just darling from the pictures and we can't wait to see it!!

Zack will be picking up the Penske on Thursday (Jan 29th) morning and heading out West the following evening, arriving at our new home early Saturday morning! He starts work Monday, Feb. 2nd. The kids and I don't have a definite moving date yet....but will very soon. My start day at work is Monday, Feb. 15th.

I am working now on the business details of moving: enrolling the kids in school, finding a daycare, setting up utilities, new banks, new doctors, new stores, new EVERYTHING! It's quite crazy!!


April said...

I can't believe you're moving again so soon! We really need to get together before you go. I'm sad that you won't be close, but congratulations on the great new jobs! E-mail or call me if you get a chance!!!

Melissa said...

I know that wherever your family resides you touch the lives around you with a whole, whole lot of love. The circle of us you have inspired is a lot larger than you could measure on a map.