Saturday, January 3, 2009

Holiday Whirlwind

Been a long while since my last blog! The holidays, once again, were an absolute flutter of constant activity. We left Kentucky right after the kids got out of school last Thursday and drove all night to Nebraska. We like driving all night because a) it saves $$ on meals, hotels, etc b) the kids sleep most of the way and c) we get where we wanna be sooner! However, this 15 hour non-stop drive completely exhausts us...and we have trouble recovering. Attempting to be a fabulous guest on very few hours of good rest is so hard! Luckily, we are blessed with understanding family and we sneak some zzz's while they entertain the babies:-) We stayed for a little over a week before driving all night again to get to our own beds. Skyler and Trendon left with Jenny to spend the rest of Christmas break with her family.

Christmas was extra-special in Nebraska this year because it was the first in many years that ALL of the family was there! Jake has missed several years in a row due to this pesky thing called WAR. This was the first year since I joined the family that he was there at Christmas. At Grandma Carol & Grandpa Jack's we had a professional photographer come to the house to get a full group shot of all of their kids and grandkids....boy was that a crowd (2 parents, 5 kids, 3 daughter-in-laws, & 8 grandkids plus another on the way....Nicole's not mine LOL)! I will try an post a copy of the picture once we get them:-)

We attended many a holiday celebration during our little over a week stay in the mid-west AND (most of you know this) Zack and I also interviewed in Omaha while were there! I, with an advertising agency and Zack, with an engineering firm. The jobs are TRULY our dream jobs! I have already been blessed with an offer letter and Zack is still waiting. We know, because of the holidays, that we shouldn't worry yet....but we are so excited that it's really hard not to be anxious. I have already begun working from home on some projects from my new boss! It's quite surreal and there are a lot of pieces that have to fit together properly in order to make this HUGE transition, again. There are endless reasons why we want to move, and some that are pulling at our hearts to we are doing a lot of thinking and praying and would appreciate your thoughts and prayers as well as we make this life changing decision. We anticipate an offer from his prospective employer this week if it's going to come....I am praying that if he receives an offer...then it's meant to be:-) We haven't announced this news to the kiddos yet because we want to wait until the deals are done....and it's for sure.

We have 1 more Christmas celebration to go tomorrow! Happy Holiday's everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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m@ said...

the christmas at carol & jack's was SUCH a treat! certainly a highlight of the holiday season. thanks so much for making the trek back to be with us. it sure made the whole thing extra special.