Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The kids had a FABULOUS first day at their new school! I prayed that they would all come home with beaming smiles and happy stories which is exactly what happened! All three kids had made friends and already adored their teachers!!

Skyler said, "I really like Jada....and all the other kids."

Trendon said, "I have 3 best friends: Ian, Lucas, and .... I can't remember the other ones name!"

Abbie said, "MOMMA---ALL of the kids wanted to play with me on the playground, it was CRAAAZY!!"

What a blessing!!!!!

Hoping to take some pictures of the house tonight.....just trying to get the final boxes put away so it looks decent----watch later for more updates!!!!

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Stephanie said...


Peachie is SOOOOO HAPPY all of you beautiful, wonderful schoolkids love your new school, teachers and friends. Of course they like you all and want to play with you. :)