Monday, February 16, 2009

My First Day at the New Job!

As you can see above---Zack sent me a beautiful vase of stargazer lilies to my office for my first day of work! How freakin' sweet, huh? I was so completely shocked and thrilled!

My first day went incredibly well. I really enjoy all of the people I work with!! Sleight is comprised of mainly women so we had a great day getting to know eachother. Everyone was very gracious to me and made me feel incredibly welcome.

I have a LOT to learn about the other medias that I haven't worked with before (radio, broadcast, cable, billboards, direct mail, etc) and how to buy their schedules etc. But, I feel confident in other ways it's always a learning curve and I am practicing patience right now.....which all who know me...know is incredibly difficult! I like to know what is going on and how its gonna happen far in advance. So, this is good for me I am sure and soon enough I should be a pro!

The kids also had a fabulous day today. Their nanny, Heather, was here for the first half of the day. And then, Grandpa Jack came to spend the afternoon/evening with them since he was off work. I got home to 5 happy children----which is the most important thing I want to see when I walk in the door!!!!!