Thursday, February 19, 2009

Zack is 30!!!

Hey all! We are still adjusting well to the new life. Our nanny has been working out really well---she loves coloring with the kids and Livie says she is "MY FRIEND!":-)

Today is Zack's big 3-0 birthday!! Jake has flown in with his girlfriend to celebrate with us! Tonight they came over for dinner and we enjoyed spending time with them. The kids just LOVE their Uncle Jake!! Mia turned on this evening...just giggling and laughing at EVERYTHING!

Work for me is going really well. I started actually visiting clients today....which makes me feel like I am actually progressing towards some real work.

We have been laughing at Zack after he told us he won the "Trooper" recognition at work....apparently if an employee has done something special that week they are announced as the "trooper". Which just makes me giggle..cause it sounds like an award the kids would get at school for not tattling or crying or something.....AH hahahahahahaha

I am having a rough time (of course) adjusting to the work/home/family I am incredibly tired. Is this blog even making sense?

Love to all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stephanie said...

Yes it makes perfect sense and thank you for it. Now I have to run over to FB and poke some fun at Zack :)