Thursday, October 2, 2008

Thursday night = Crazy night

McDonalds cooked dinner for us tonight cause we have absolutely no time to cook on Thursdays. Honestly, we don't even have time to eat, we eat in the car in route. I had a Girl Scout Service Unit meeting tonight at 5:30 so Zack took the big kids to football/cheerleading practice and I met them there late. Then, we hoped to get Abby involved in 4-H Horse Club except I must have had the wrong address. At about 8 we all arrived home for quick showers, snack, and bed! I think everyone is already asleep cause they were worn out! I am thrilled to have my laptop perched on the side of the couch downstairs waiting for the VP debate!!!

Saturday night is the school's Fall Festival which is a ton of fun! There are bookoos of games, face painting, hair painting etc. that the kids love! We are obviously volunteering to work in the booths so Z and I will take turns with volunteering and corralling children! And we'll have an extra set of hands as Peachie is coming too!!! :-)

Ahh...the debate is underway and I gotta listen! I'll end with another family loved recipe, especially by Zack:-)

Man Dip

1 roll of pork breakfast sausage
1 pound of ground beef
1 large white onion
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
2 pounds of velveeta cheese
2-5 jalapenos, depending on your taste for heat.
garlic salt to taste
black pepper to taste

Brown beef, sausage and onion in pan until cooked and onion is transluscent.  Take the meat mixture and put in crock pot.  Add all rest ingredients.  Cook on high or low until it melts, stir and serve with corn chips. 

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Melissa said...

Oh, our crazy night is Wednesday. Its amazing how, once kids are in school, lessons and evening plans just swallow the whole routine. The fun part is how much Naomi loves her gymnastics lessons. Its a delight to watch her get so excited about it. It sounds as though you guys are blessed with the same!