Friday, October 24, 2008

Mia is One, already?!?!?!

Our Mia Faith Tucker turned one this week!!! We had a small party for her on Sunday afternoon. My parents and sister came as well as some of our very best friends! She seemed aloof about all the attention but had a blast playing with the tissue paper from her gifts!

We made miniature snacks to serve at the party including mini-burgers, mini-meatballs, cheez puffs, and a chocolate chip cheeseball. My dear sister made two cakes for the special day. One just for Mia and another precious baby face for the rest of us!

Today, Mia had her 1 year check-up and weighed a whopping 25.25 lbs! She definitely gets plenty to eat. Doc says she is right on track with talking/walking the whole bit. Mommy loves to hear that!!! Doc does say its time to wean the bottle, I don't think she's too dependent on it and will give it a shot next need to act chaos to an already hectic week-end. She is walking all over the place and thrilled to be so mobile. She spends a lot of time in her big sister's room trying to find anything she can possibly chew on.

She has such a sweet, sweet spirit. Smiling at anyone who pays her any mind. She LOVES LOVES LOVES her Daddy above anyone else. We are just incredibly blessed for this sweet addition to our family. I love you Princess Mia!!!!!!!!!!