Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Report Card Time

Here's the report on the kiddos!! SO PROUD!

T-Bird: Doing fabulous! His teacher wrote, "Trendon is doing great! He's a hard worker and a great friend to everyone! Keep reading at home. SUPER JOB, TRENDON!"
They also included a creative writing assignment for us to see. I will keep punctuation, spelling etc the same so you can appreciate his efforts:-)

"*I Like My PokenoN.
*I Lik to jump on the treplen.
*Wen I fel bad I em sad.
*wen I em skard i do not criy.
*Trendon Clay Tucker"

Ahhhh, don't you just love that?!?!?!?!

Abby: Her teacher wrote, "Abby is a wonderful gal who works hard and successfully accomplishes every task. She has such a caring personality and gentle spirit. Academically, she is doing fantastic, as well."

Skyler: Her teacher wrote, "Skyler is a super kid and a great student!!" Skyler is still reading light years ahead of her grade level!! She is also working diligently on studying the Battle of the Books reading list. Next month is the quiz to determine if she makes the team!

We are so proud of our hard working kiddos. They are really doing phenomenal. It's hard work!!!:-)


Melissa said...

Great report cards! What sweet and smart kids you have.

Carol said...

We're so proud of our little students! Way to work hard at your schoolwork...sure looks like it's paying off. You kids are the best. Keep up the good work, Darlin's!

Love you and MISS YOU!

Gramma & Grampa C.