Friday, October 31, 2008

Skyler's Vote for President

NOTE: Zack and I do watch the news a lot with the kids around....but we never get to "talk politics" until they are in bed. This was completely unprovoked....

Last night, sitting on the couch with the children, Skyler starts talking about her day. She explain how they got to vote in the presidential election today at school. She volunteers, "I voted for Obama. I wanted to vote for Hillary again but she wasn't on the ballot anymore. I voted for Obama because he said he will bring home the troops from Iraq."

Now, I am not sharing this for political debate purposes. But, I am rather relishing in the beauty of her innocence. Uncle Jake is in Iraq and she wants him home, period:-) He will be so proud of his niece Skyler, as am I.

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Melissa said...

Well said, Skyler, I know just how you feel!