Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Week of Birthdays!

These girls are growing up!  Abbie is now 8!!  And Liv is 6!  

We had a fabulous party this past Saturday at a horse ranch.  The kids were able to meet over 20 horses, learn how to brush them, ride them and play games while in the saddle!!!!  All of the kids seemed to have a blast and Zack and I realized parties not at our own house are DEFINITELY the way to go!  So much less stress and best of all -- less clean-up!!

When talking to the girls about what they wished for for their special days, Abbie had only one request "Please Momma just ANYTHING that is alive!!"  After talking with Zack and exploring Petco together we decided to get her a gerbil!!!!  It's the cutest little thing -- Abbie carries him (Max is his name) around all day in a make-shift sling around her neck!  She takes him to eat and get water and then loves on him so more.  It's more than adorable!!!!!!!!!!!