Sunday, September 20, 2009

...still missing him

 4 years ago I fell in love with this boy - incredibly smart, shockingly adorable, sweet as sugar, and way more stubborn than necessary.;)  We made drastic life changes in order to merge our lives together because of this love.  The past 4 years have brought 2 more drastic life changes (i.e. cross country moves) involving both opportunity and heartbreak.  Also, Zack graduated college, I started my M.B.A. studies, we brought a beautiful daughter into this world together, and have (I would argue) pretty darn successfully blended our children into a very happy family.  After all this, shouldn't it be easy to be without him for a few weeks while he travels for business?  IT'S NOT!  I miss him like crazy.  For the most part, I'm in a new routine with the kids and house...nothings perfect but we can handle the day-to-day.  Of course, the kids miss their Daddy like crazy and can't wait for him to return. 

But, I do too!!  It's been a wacky road realizing how many of the little things I miss while he's gone.  Many evenings we wind down on the deck...just chatting and spending time together while the sun goes down.  I have been lost at night since he's been gone.  After the kids go to bed my house is SO QUIET!

He's blessed to have a great job - but we will all be so glad when the Canada project is complete and he's back home with us:-)!

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Zack said...

Who is this wonderful man you speak of?