Friday, May 16, 2008


Mia's first time in a swimming pool! Several of my Mommy friends and I took the kids for a swimming playdate yesterday. The Pavillion in Georgetown is SOO nice. For only 5 bucks we got unlimited swimming all day. They have 2 indoor pools (one is a HUGE baby/toddler pool with big buckets, HUGE twisty slide, and a rainbow sprinkler and then an olympic size pool too!) I can't believe I have lived 20 minutes from this place for nearly a year and have never taken the kids! We could have been swimming all winter! POO

Mia absolutely loved it! I let her float on her back and put her under several times. Hopefully she will learn to swim as easily as Livie & Abigail did. What fun! Can't wait to swim in the sun though!!!