Friday, May 2, 2008

Our Creative Writer

One of the best parts of being a parent is finding the little stories, notes, and pictures that the kids create. This evening I was cleaning up and came across this story that made Zack and I crack up. It's author is none other than Miss Skyler. Spelling, punctuation and grammar I will replicate for you as well...

The Lost Parents

Once upon a time there was a mom and dad that had no children. But one day the mom and dad heard somthing scary! They followed the scary sound. Sundly they got lost. Mom had and idea. "I know how to get out of here". "How." saud dad. "Climb up those trees." said mom. "There is home." said dad. When mom got home she was pregnet. She was suprised!!! She had a baby girl.

Happy week-end everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)


Carol said...

Oh, Skyler...What a wonderful story! We hope you keep writing anything and everything. It's such a wonderful way to express yourself and let people know what you're thinking and feeling.

Love you so!

Gramma Carol

Stephanie said...

Fabulous story! You are an excellent writer, Skyler. We want more!

Peachie & Pop