Saturday, May 24, 2008

Getaway - Day 1

Hi ya'll!!! Zack and I are in Washington D.C. and having a glorious time! This morning we got up early to get started viewing pieces of our nation's history. Right around the corner from our hotel we found a cute little french bistro for breakfast......ahh the joys of big city life. I had a portabello and egg sandwich on ciabbata bread...fabulous! Zack had a prosciutto and egg sandwich on an onion bagel!! We then set off to walk the Mall. We are staying right downtown so we just jetted off for the Vietnam Memorial.

My most poignant memory of day was a handwritten card placed carefully at the foot of the Vietnam War Memorial. This card was written by a young child and it read, "I hope your next trip is safe." Precious and heartbreaking. I studied the Vietnam War in great detail while getting my History degree so this was one of the monuments I knew I wanted to see. So powerful.

Zack's been here twice before so he's been my tour guide. We visited several other monuments, the Holocaust Museum, and Union Station. We are back at our hotel now getting dressed up for a lovely dinner at the Ebbitt Grill.

Tomorrow we plan to visit some of the Smithsonian Museums, Arlington National Cemetery, and possibly drive out to Chesapeake Bay.

Skyler, Abby, Trendon, Livie, & Mia ---- we miss you!

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Stephanie said...

Skyler says: I miss you so much!
Abby says: I miss you soooooooo much! And I love you very much!
Livie says: Mommy, I love you. and I miss you.
Pop says: Glad to hear you're having a good time. That breakfast sounds "killer" and sounds absolutely delicious. BE SAFE and enjoy...we'll see you in a few..."The Old Crotchety One"
Stephanie says: SOOOO....HOW much do you LOVE DC?????!!!!! Isn't it the greatest and most fascinating place? Love you, have a fabulous time and don't worry about ANYthing! All the kids are being great! :)