Sunday, September 14, 2008

Livie is 5!

Our "Fancy Nancy" party was a huge success! Livie decided she wanted a dainty tea party and for everyone who came to dress as fancy as possible! So we all got decked out in fancy dresses and sport coats with all the tacky jewelry we could find! Several little girls from Livie's class joined us to celebrate! Zack helped me make some delectable crudites for the party including chocolate covered pretzel wands, hot pink sherbert punch, cheese and veggie kabobs, and mini PB & J's. We had a great party:-)

It's hard to believe my little "Ollie" as Abby used to call her is 5 already! I remember being in labor with was a Monday morning after I had spent the previous week-end moving into a new house. I was sooo ready to go into labor so I was carrying mattresses up the stairs, loading boxes after was crazy. So Sunday evening I had to work but wasn't feeling too well. I was up ALL night that night sick ..... ugh. Then, about 4 am I realized it wasn't a stomach bug but that I was in labor! At 8:30 when the dr's office opened I went in to be checked....sure enough I was already 6 cm. But, silly me decided to go back home and labor there....I didn't want to be stuck in some stark hospital room for hours!!! I got home and about 30 minutes later I was obviously in transition (8-9cm). About 5 minutes passed while we were loading the car and trying to get a hold of everyone who wanted to be there.....and I involuntarily started pushing!!!! So, Livie was ALMOST born in my front yard. We raced to the hospital (only 2 min from my house). I miraculously held her in until the moment the dr walked in to the room!!! She was absolutely the most dramatic labor/delivery of my 3.

I love you my sweet, dainty baby Ollie!:-)

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Stephanie said...

Olivia Hope: the baby who came FAST!!!!