Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Our New Friend!

(From L to R -- Naomi, Olivia, Abby, Livie, and Skyler)
We are in Nebraska for our Summer visit!!!!!!! YAAAAAAY! We got here Monday evening around 7:30 PM. The trip wasn't too bad. I thank God every trip for portable DVD players!! Mia got pretty restless the last 2 hours but besides that the trip really was a dream.

Carol has a new neighbor with a sweet daugher named Olivia! Her and the girls have become practically connected at the hip! She lives in Barbie heaven so the girls have had a blast!!!!

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Stephanie said...

Hey girlies!

That is so great about Naomi and Olivia--two new surprise friends :) I am sure they were just as thrilled to discover you all right next door. You can never have too many girls, right? You all look so happy. What beautiful faces you all have!

Love you lots and lots,