Sunday, June 29, 2008

The J-O-B

So, I love my job. Ad sales is such a great fit for my personality!!! I got to meet most of my clients this past week. There is lots of room for development, which is a GREAT thing! It will be a huge shift from the Journal Star to the Cynthiana Democrat. Mainly, transitioning from a larger daily to a small....rural, weekly paper. The differences are more than I expected them to be. But, I can adjust and learn new things, hopefully!

We have begun interviewing nannies. That has been quite the experience. Some have seemed, well, not a good for our family! But we have 3 candidates right now that we wouldn't mind hiring. They all seem very nice and passionate about helping children. However, we need to determine who is going to be the most dependable. People haven't seen me upset until they make me late for something, especially my new job!!!!! I know the children will be in good hands with either of the three of them. We are trying to schedule some of them for a trial run with my sister here. She can watch their performance and let us know who appears worthy of the position! This is serious business!! We'll keep ya posted!