Friday, June 20, 2008

Momma Needs a New Pair of Shoes!

Well, it's been fun...being the domestic diva for a year and a half but it is officially over. After our move to Kentucky I got a horrendous job that I couldn't stomach for more than 10 days. So, I quit! Soon after, baby Mia was on her way so finding a job at that point would have just been, well silly. Fast foward to now, Mia is nearly 8 months old and I am ready to join the land of the working again! This job kinda fell in my lap. My dear husband was bragging about my success at the Lincoln Journal Star to one of his co-workers, whose wife happens to be the Sales Manager at the local paper here in Cynthiana. Their sales rep is retiring so they told Zack to have me apply! So I did and I recieved a job offer last night!

I start Wednesday!! I am really excited and anxious. It's going to be a huge shift in our routine and activities. I am thrilled to help Zack by contributing to our family income! Childcare isn't completely ironed out but I have temporary care in place. We are placing an ad this week for a permanent position!! Be thinking of me Wednesday morning as I cope with the first day at a new job jitters........


Melissa said...

Congratulations! You're just the best, Sarah!

Carol said...

Yay You! We're so glad you spent time with us before you embarked on the 'outside' working world (Lord knows you work hard enuff in the 'home' work-world...)