Saturday, November 15, 2008

Technology for the Family

Ah, the age of modern technology. We are so blessed to have so many resources in which to keep in touch with family spanning 3 states. The blog has been a great outlet for us to show you our world and keep you updated on our wacky life. You may have noticed, we also just purchased a digital video camera. This is mine and Zack's anniversary and Christmas gifts to each other...I guess that's what you do when you are married folk...purchase something you want/need and call it good:-) Works for us anyway. So, expect to see lots more of our little videos on here.

We also have a web-cam which anyone can purchase for under 20 bucks. This allows you to chat with the kids in real time and actually see them. It's been great for Skyler and Trendon since Jenny bought one. They get on the phone with her and can see and wave and blow kisses....really helps when they miss her desperately. Also, last month they were able to get online simultaneously and look at costume websites so they could choose a halloween costume with their Mom. And, Jenny has been able to help Trendon with his reading homework the same way. We just type the words that he is practicing and she can help teach him how to read them. Great, great way for them to stay connected with her. The kids enjoy doing this very much so let me know if you get one and they can chat with you as well!!! I am happy to help you with the logistics of getting it set up and running.

We love all of you and respect your roles in helping us raise this family. We understand the distance is difficult and vow to continue doing all we can to help keep everyone in the loop.

Watch next week for some ADORABLE videos of Skyler, Abby, and Livie. On Monday evening they have their closing ceremonies for their cheer leading season. They have been practicing a dance routine that they will (hopefully) perform in front of the whole crowd! I have my doubts that Livie will follow through, she is awfully shy. But, Skyler is an absolute pro. She already has the entire routine memorized and has been practicing with Abby.

Also Monday, Skyler has a play at school that I plan to video. She has been practicing both memorizing lines and acting skills. I am confident it will be quite entertaining:-)

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Melissa said...

That webcam sounds too cool! Its amazing how screens, computers, cameras, etc. can close the distance between friends and family.

BTW: Happy Anniversary.

Good luck to the girls on their final cheerleading effort. I'm sure you'll leave laughing and having fun.