Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crazy Day

The 3 big girls went to cheerleading day camp this week! The camp was sponsored by the Harrison County High School cheerleading squad, which our fabulous babysitter Brooke is a member! She was so sweet and came to pick them up each morning and brought them home. She even took them out to lunch! Not much feels better than knowing people LOVE your children! I have felt very warm and fuzzy this week...!

So the above picture is of Crazy Day. I am sure we all remember Homecoming week at high school when each day there was a silly way to dress in order to show school spirit.....well my girls caught the school spirit this week! We had to find the tackiest outfit we could possibly put together. As you can see, we did a pretty darn good job! I then fixed their hair as crazy as I could and they each wore 2 different shoes!!! It was a very fun morning of giggles and grins.