Monday, August 11, 2008

Back To School

I cannot believe the summer is over already! The kids start school back tomorrow!!!! We went tonight to meet there teachers and see their classrooms etc.

Skyler has Mrs. Gant. 2nd grade will be a lot different, no more show and tell! No more snack break in the afternoon! We talked to Skyler's teacher about being sure to challenge her reading skills. We noticed last year that if Skyler gets work got too repetitive and too easy then she would start sloughing off. We found that the more she is challenged the harder she works.....and what a GREAT quality we want to continue developing. Her teacher was very receptive to our thoughts and seems excited to teach Skyler.

Trendon has Mrs. Ware who is actually on bed-rest right now. She is 7 months pregnant with her first baby. She won't return until 6-8 weeks after her baby girl is born. They have found a very sweet long-term sub for her, Mrs. Marshall. She seemed to be very excited about her position and was friendly and eager to connect with Trendon. He does have some familiar faces in his classroom from last year however, his best friend, Braden is in Abby's class. Trendon says it's OK cause they'll still get to play on the playground together!!!!

Abigail has Mrs. Cockrell which is Abby's dream teacher because she has pets in the room! Hamsters and fish!!!!! Mrs. Cockrell is very nice and has lots of teaching experience. Abby has many friends from Mrs. Free's class including Stormy & John Thomas, 2 of her favorites!! So I know she will have a great day tomorrow!

It's almost time for Birthday Palooza at our house. Abigail's party is going to be Friday, September 5th. She wants to have a camp-out. Luckily, we have the basement for back-up if it rains! Olivia's party will be on Saturday, September 13th. She hasn't really given me any clue yet as to what she wants....except she wants her party to be funny?!?!?! Not sure where I will go with that one yet....

Then, my baby girl is going to be a year old!!!!!!!!! October 22nd...I can't believe it. I ordered her the most beautiful pink princess dress to wear at her I plan to have her one year pictures made! Of course I will post many many pictures!

Watch tomorrow for a digest of the children's first day. I plan to let them tell the stories in their own words.....we'll see if they are all in the mood to cooperate!

Love to all!!!!!!


Melissa said...

Ah, the first day of school sure sounds exciting! We're sure thinking of you.

Stephanie said...

Yay SCHOOL! I can't wait to read S, A, and T's renditions of their first-day experiences!

Regarding Livie's party.....umm, clowns? Maybe everyone can come with a silly face painted on. Or we can paint silly faces on each other!