Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Practice makes........CUTE!

Abby had her audition yesterday for the Newport Aquarium commercial. She was pretty shy but very, very cute! The lady worked with her a few times, coaching her to talk louder and be more expressive. But 5 minutes isn't a long time for an unexperienced 6 year old:-) She was adorable and we will pursue many more opportunities like this one. I am not thinking she will get a call back but I guess you never know! Most of the girls who auditioned while we were there were older, 9 and 10 year olds. So Abby just may be the cutest one:-) Here's a short clip of her practicing her lines in one of the holding rooms:

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Melissa said...

Ms. Abby you are so brave, and so great. Whether you are in a commercial or not we really admire you for firing it up to see how things go! Not a lot of people have ever auditioned for a commercial in their whole lives. I haven't. I really admire you!