Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Kiss the Frog

I just submitted Abigail in a contest to become the next commercial star for the Newport Aquarium! They are looking for a fun, outgoing girl age 6-10 that is willing to be kissed by a frog!!! haha If any girl would be willing to do that it would be our Abigail. She claims she will be the next Bindi the Jungle Girl and has an intesnse love for all creatures big and small!! If she get's chosen we'll know by Sunday! Cross your fingers!!! We would have SOOOOO much fun!!! This is the head shot I submitted:


Stephanie said...

(SINGING) Who would be better than youuuuuu? Oh, oh who would be better than youuuuuu?
No one, No one,
Abby she is the ONE.....

C'mon Newport Aquarium
She's the one, I swear-i-um
hum hum humdy hum hum hum
(End of ditty)

Okay I'm not a great rhymer
But I'm one of your favorite old tymers....

(quitting while I'm ahead)

Love you,

Carol said...

Good Luck, Abby! We're anxious to hear :-)

G-Ma Carol