Monday, February 1, 2010

The Great Sweater Fight

Last week Trendon and I were poised in a sweater war... 

This 7 1/2 year old boy is quickly becoming a dude I just sit back and marvel at. He is really carving his own in fashion and hair styles -- have you seen his mow-hawk?!

All of the children were getting ready for school last Tuesday when I discovered NONE of Trendon's clothes fit.  I swear, the weeks before Christmas he had a dresser full of clothes that fit.  Blame it on a growth spurt, right. We searched high and low in his closet for a shirt with sleeves that at least reached his wrist to no avail.

Lightbulb moment!!  About 2 years ago I bought a lot of clothes off of ebay that I had packed away for him!  I ventured down into the basement closet to find the box of clothes that I just knew would make him the happiest boy on the planet!  Inside this box were a couple pairs of pants, a trench coat, and a sweater.  Not an entire wardrobe, but enough to get us through the week until I could get out to shop for him.

I thought I should receive a "step-momma of the year award" for this great discovery.  Cute, cute clothes.  Perfect size.  No more sleeves that are 2 inches too short, no more belly showing when he lifts his arms.

Boy, was I wrong.

Here is a photo of the sweater in question:

Cute, right?  I LOVED it and never thought twice that Trendon would feel disgust just by looking at it!  He was so appalled that he started crying immediately!?!  Then I left the room, assuming he would get dressed.  I came back to find him standing in the middle of his room, no shirt on, and no sweater in hand.  He had quickly thrown it up into the top of his closet hoping I'd forget about it!!!! I asked him where the sweater was and he threw the "I don't know look." This, at our house, is comparable to lying.  So unfortunately, it's now a he-can't-win-at-this-game scenario.

We called Daddy for reinforcement.  Daddy says, absolutely he has to wear the sweater now that there has been deceit.

Trendon is enraged but promises to get dressed.

He emerges from his room looking like the dough-boy 15 minutes later!!  He put a think polo under AND over top of the sweater!!!

"It's on!" he smirks.

Ok, Ok I get it.  He hates the sweater.  I send him to school ticked off and mad at me. Didn't feel like a huge win for the step-momma at that point.:(

That afternoon, all if forgiven and forgotten when I tell Trendon I'll give the sweater away to another boy who will enjoy it.

Imagine my surprise this morning when he emerges from his room in this:


Someone explain this to me.  This sweater is SUPER cool but the dog sweater is horrendous?

Ah, the joys of mothering a boy.  I need some super sonic powers to figure out this kid's sense of fashion....or perhaps a trip to the mall together will suffice. :)


Francesca said...

We're having similar clashes, my 9 year old and I and I have been subjected to long lectures about what is 'cool' and what isn't. And this from a boy with Aspergers. Sheesh.

And I have to say, that second sweater is trendin'!

I think what Daniel would say about the first is that it's 'cute' and cute is bad for a young dude (because cute is for girls). But argyle is actually kinda punk.

Your son, btw, is gorgeous.

Sarah said...

The dog sweater is, kind of, horrendous. For a boy. :) My husband probably wouldn't let me dress our boys in it either. But I love the argyle!

Can I suggest saving it and trying it out for your next girl in that size?

Chances are, being the only boy, Trendon wants to be uber-boy amongst so many girls and that red sweater is, ahem, iffy. The trench coat sounds cute though!


Jessica said...

Sarah, I think Jackson would love that sweater, but Brennan would hate it. The thing about the argyle sweater is that there are no designs that could get him in the "baby" category. Like, Brennan can't tie his shoes but when I suggested we get velcro shoes, he was so upset, I thought he'd never calm down. It's all about looking cool for them...check out Abercrombie for sales on cool polos and tees...not as cheap as maybe a sale at JCP, but guaranteed to be some polos for $10 on sale and a tee for $7...not too bad.
Good luck figuring out the boy and how to dress him :)

Jessica said...

oh, skull and crossbones are so cool, but bren won't wear them, so i FORCE him to wear this ubber awesome skull/crossbone tee from gymboree about once a month, just to prove who is boss :)

Sarah said...

Haha!! Sarah, my husband said the same thing -- let Abbie wear the sweater it looks really girly. I don't see it!?! But, if it were up to me I would dress him in those cute shorts with the argyle knee-high socks. hehehe I love that look!:)

Jessica - I'll give you the sweater for Jackson!!! :) Someone's gotta get some love with it.

Francesca - Thank you so much. He is a cutie - but I think I am supposed to say handsome!! LOL

I'm learning!!

Jake said...

Trendon's right, that dog sweater is HORRIBLE! The lying is not advisable, but I can't blame him for the protest.

Sarah said...

Jake: Thanks for taking his side --- as well as EVERYONE who has read this blog. Who would have ever thought that this sweater story would be my most popular one yet. I even got phone calls yesterday poking fun at me for this sweater --- and let's not even talk about Facebook comments.

I swear to you all it NEVER occurred to me that this sweater was ugly!!!!!!! I feel like such a terrible mother right now forcing this horrified child to wear such a ridiculous ensemble.

Hahahahah :)

Angela F said...

Sarah, Amy and I have been cracking up about this sweater for several minutes now! I'm with everyone else, cute sweater...for Livie or a much younger boy. :-)

Funny enough, we were wondering why Zack didn't say the same thing, then I realized it was only b/c he "deceived" that Zack forced the issue! LOL LOL LOL

By the way, as Trendan's attorney, I would like to say that he never actually "lied" - he just gave you a look that you INTERPRETED to say "I don't know". ;-) Gotta love me!! HA HA HA

Jake said...

Along the legal lines, I would also like to illustrate that it was entrapment. He never would have "deceived" had he not been coerced to do so.