Sunday, April 5, 2009


This week we are missing 80% of our kiddos:-( Skyler and Trendon are in TX and Abbie and Liv are in KY. Our house is SOOOOOO quiet! To stay busy today I started organizing/cleaning out closets. I bet I could fill the back of my van already with trash bags full of clothes to give to Goodwill! It feels so good to get rid of stuff we don't use!

Cute/Interesting things to note from the past few weeks:

Mia: Her ability to communicate has changed DRAMATICALLY in the past 2 weeks or so....she has learned "night-night", "uh-oh" and "he woo" (hello). But, by far the cutest is still when we say "I love you" and she replies with just, "TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Also, tonight during dinner Zack decided to try and teach her how to use a spoon to eat. We thought it would still be weeks before she could master it but low-and-behold, she cleaned a whole bowl of mashed potatoes all by herself!!! She was SOO proud of herself!!!!

Liv: Has been struggling the past few weeks with "night-mirrors":-( We now have an entire new bedtime routine which includes asking Jesus to give her "peace in her heart." She has been doing much better...and it is beautiful to watch her pray and trust God!!!

Trendon: My momma and brother came up to visit this week during their Spring Break from school. While they were here they went to have lunch with the kids at school. Daniel sat with Trendon....and said that he is EVERYONE'S buddy!!! He even said that a little girl came up to him to tell him how nice Trendon is:-) He is definitely our little socialite!!

Abbie: Abbie was nominated by her teacher for "Outstanding Student of 2009" for her class!! We were shocked and so proud. For her reward she gets to walk in a parade at an Omaha Royals game in a few weeks, get greeted by the players, and recieve a certificate. She is bursting with excitement!!

Skyler: Has made a very best buddy at school named Cheyenne. They have been calling eachother and planning sleepovers!! We are thrilled because in Kentucky she didn't seem to connect with a "best friend" type. She seems to have really fit in at Josleyn and is thriving there! Also, you must ask her to draw you a picture next time you hang out with her.....she is fast becoming an amazing artisit!!!!! Zack and I have been blown away by some of the things she has been drawing.

Zack: Zack just returned home from a week way in Orlando for work. I thought I would be just fine without him....but I missed him LIKE CRAZY! I am so glad he is home, but this travelling is something I am going to have to get used to cause this ain't his last trip:-( Also, he is attempting to organize his garage aka workshop as he has many projects in mind!

Me: I did sign my first client this past week at work!!!! I am absolutely elated and can't wait to start working on their campaign for '09. Of course, I am anxious to prove my abilities and feel worthy of this job!:-)


Anonymous said...

hey makes me so sad to read all that, tear tear..i miss u all so new number is 8592988021..i love my job..its awesome..i got a new guy pal, hes awesome..u will have to go on my myspace and chek the pics out and let me know wat u think

Stephanie said...

Hmm, I guess "Anonymous" is Keisha?

Anyway, I love reading about all the happenings...although I was privy to all the latest info....except for the Mia/Spoon trick. Oh I can just imagine how puffed up with pride she was! She is SO hilarious and of course she knows it.

Angela said...

It makes me so sad to miss out on all that. My Mia is getting so big! Sigh